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Not one, but two industry awards were won by Anangu Tours at the Northern Territory Brolga Awards on Saturday night.

Anangu Tours is an Aboriginal owned company that provides Aboriginal guided tours of Uluru.

They won both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tourism Award and the Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award. It is the second year in a row that they have won the Indigenous category, and the third time in the last four years. However it is the first time they have won the Heritage and Culture category.
“All of the Anangu Tours staff were thrilled to win both categories”, said Manager, Andrea Martin. “Anangu and non-Anangu staff have worked hard for many years to establish a good commercial business that also reflects Aboriginal cultural values. We are delighted to received this acknowledgment from the tourism industry that we have succeeded”.

The awards were accepted by Reggie Uluru, a senior custodian of Uluru, who gave the acceptance speech in his own language Yankunytjara, and was translated into English by Operations Manager Darrin Kean.

The Heritage and Culture submission focused on the important role Anangu Tours has in providing alternative activities to the climbing of Uluru. Anangu (the Aboriginal people of Uluru) strongly prefer that visitors do not climb, and instead learn to appreciate the cultural significance of Uluru.

“The daily tours run by Anangu Tours give people an extraordinary insight into an ancient but living culture, and most clients decide for themselves not to climb after doing a tour with us” said Andrea Martin. “We get several letters a day from clients who say that our tours were the highlight of their trip to Australia.”

Anangu Tours runs half day tours at Uluru (Ayers Rock), every morning and every afternoon. Each tour is led by an Anangu (Aboriginal person from the area) in their own language, and is interpreted into English by an interpreter. Tours focus on “Tjukurpa” (Aboriginal creation law) and on traditional knowledge required for desert survival.

Brolga Tourism Award winners in 1997, 1998, 2000 and now 2001, and Australian Tourism Award winners in 2000, Anangu Tours cater for the FIT and groups/incentives markets with a range of Aboriginal designed and led tour products.