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Intellectual and cultural property as well as copyright issues are of particular concern to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

This concern has arisen from their experience of inappropriate images of Australian Aboriginal culture being used throughout the world by the tourism industry.

It is important that the industry as a whole recognises the need to use culturally appropriate images.


“The image presented of Aboriginal Australia must incorporate diversity & must reflect the actual nature of Aboriginal society in that over half of Aboriginal people live in urban areas. International visitors in Australia may then be able to accept that one does not have to go to the “Outback” to meet an Aboriginal person nor assume that all aboriginal people continue to wear loin cloths & wear paint.

Aboriginal people now have the oportunity to present the images they want to the rest of the world with the use of technology such as the internet. In developing their own websites, Aboriginal tour operators can include the images which clearly represent their people & products.