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Since the Red Centre Dreaming Aboriginal dance performers from Alice Springs were seen by approx 4 billion television viewers in 200 countries around the world during the Sydney Olympics. They have been in demand to tour Europe and North America to promote Australia.

In September 2001 it is planned that the dancers will appear TOPRESA, one of the biggest travel shows in Europe followed by performances at travel trade events in Paris and Milano Italy.

A tour of North America is planned before December 2001 and Germany Scandinavia in March 2002.

If any international operators have product launches around this time and would like to have the dancers at such an event please
contact Colin Cowell – International Marketing Consultant
Red Centre Marketing Services -Alice Springs


The Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre in Alice Springs is 100% aboriginal owned and operated, recruits and trains dance from all around Australia who perform both day and night shows 7 days a week here in Alice Springs.

Aboriginal culture is the oldest living continuos culture in the world. For over 40,000 years music, song, dance, storytelling and the playing of musical instruments such as the didgeridoo, has played a very important role in all aspects of Aboriginal life. (both sacred and non sacred)

Aboriginal cultural performances (known generically as corroborees) are dramatic representations, in mime and song, of the history of individual tribes or family groups. There were many non-secret rituals performed in the camps at night, before an enthusiastic audience of men, women and children. A group of adult men, seated around a small fire, would chant one or another of the ancient songs, while others, their bodies decorated with strange symbols would portray, in a series of spectacular dances, the legends of the Dreamtime .
Describing the dance performance the principle dancer Arthur Turtle Tamwoy said his music was coming from the heart, It was coming from the land, you will feel it, it is the sound of mother earth, who we pay respect to in each performance.

If you wish to learn more about Aboriginal art and culture please visit their “sacred site”